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Toyota Modifications

Below you can view the suggested modifications for Toyota:Supra JZA80 93-99, Celica GT Four 89-93, Celica GT Four 94-98, Levin AE86, MR2 SW20 90-99, Corolla AE82 86-88.
The estimated percentage in horse power gain is displayed in brackets.


Performance Modifications:
Phase 1: Intake Filter: K&N, HKS (4%)
BOV: HKS, Blitz (1%)
Strut brace: Cusco, Tein
Phase 2: Exhaust: HKS, Trust, Apex (10%)
Headers: TRR, HKS, Apex (10%)
Turbo: Garrett, HKS, Blitz (20%++)
Wastegate: Tial, HKS, Garrett (1%)
Intercooler kit: HKS, Trust (10%++)
Injectors: Blitz (adapter needed) (10%++)
Fuel pump: Walbro, Bosch (10%++)
Sway bars: Cusco, Whiteline
Phase 3: Turbo kits: HKS, Turbonetics (40%++)
ECU: Motec, Apex Power FC (except AE86 and early GT Four) (20%++)

Body Kits: Veilside, C-West, Blitz, Gracer, Wings West

Wheels: TRD

Brakes:  EBC Brakes, Endless, Trust
Suspension:  D2, Tein, Cusco

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