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Nissan Modifications

Below you can view the suggested modifications for Nissan: S13 180SX 89-97, 13 Silvia 89-93, S14 Silvia 94-98, S15 Silvia 99-05, R32 Skyline GTS-t, R32 Skyline GTR, R33 Skyline GTS 25T, R33 Skyline GTR, R34 Skyline GTT, R34 Skyline GTR, Z32 300ZX, Primera P10 (Infinity G20), Primera P11.
The estimated percentage in horse power gain is displayed in brackets.


Performance Modifications:
Phase 1: Intake filter: K&N, HKS, Trust (4%)
BOV: Blitz, HKS, Greddy
Inlet manifold: Greddy (turbo Nissan cars only) (5%)
Strut brace: Cusco, Tein, Greddy (RWD only with Greddy)
Subframe lock kit: Whiteline, D2, SuperPro (RWD only)
Phase 2: Exhaust: HKS, Trust, Apex (10%)
Headers: HKS, TRR, SSI, (except P10, P11) (10%)
Intercooler kit: HKS, Trust (except P10, P11)  (10%++)
Wastegate: Tial, Turbosmart, HKS, Garrett (1%)
Injectors: Sard, HKS, Blitz (10%++)
Fuel pump: Walbro, Sard, Bosch (10%++)
Air-flow meter: use GTR or Z32 with Power FC (10%++)
Sway bars: Whiteline
Camber kits: Tein, D2
Phase 3: Turbo: Garrett, HKS, Blitz, Trust (except P10, P11) (20%++)
ECU: Motec, Link G2, Autronic, Apexi Power FC (20%++)

Body Kits: BN Sport, Gracer, Vertex, C-West, Veilside, Nismo, Bomex

Wheels: Nismo

Brakes: EBC Brakes, Endless, Brembo, Trust
Suspension:  Tein, D2, Cusco, HKS, Tanabe

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