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Honda Modifications

Below you can view the suggested modifications for Audi: 90-91 Civic EF, 90-91 CRX EF, 92-95 Civic EG, 92-95 CRX/Del Sol EG, 95-01 Civic EK, 89-92 Integra DA
93-00 Integra DC, 92-96 Prelude BB2, 97-04 Prelude BB6, 94-96 Accord, 97-00 Accord.
The estimated percentage in horse power gain is displayed in brackets.


Performance Modifications:
Phase 1: Intake pipe and filter (K&N, AEM) (4%)
MSD Ignition (5%)
Exhaust system: HKS (10%)
Cam gears: OBX, HKS, AEM (5%)
Heat shield gasket: Skunk (2%)
Inlet manifold and throttle body: Skunk (3%)
Strut brace: Cusco, Tein
Phase 2: Headers: OBX, X-Force, Mugen. (10%)
Cams: Skunk, TypeR, Crane, HKS (10-15%)
Phase 3: ECU: Link, Motec, Autronic , Apexi Power FC (up to 50%, maybe more with tuning and other mods)
Turbo kit: Turbonetics, HKS (50-300%)

Body Kits:  C-West, Mugen, Wings West, Erebuni, Veilside

Wheels: Advanti

Brakes: EBC Brakes
Suspension: Cusco, HKS, Tein, D2

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